Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) calls for applications on strategic projects

NCU has announced a call for applications regarding a strategic project on Covid-19 and cancer in the Nordic region

Strategic project on Covid-19 and cancer in the Nordic region

NCU invites relevant applicants to apply for funding targeted at a strategic project concerning Covid-19 and cancer in the Nordic region.

NCU is looking for projects that address the following questions (not a complete list):

  • Incidence of Covid-19 among patients with cancer
  • Mortality in cancer patients with Covid-19
  • Severity and complication of Covid-19 in cancer patients
  • Consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on cancer care in general (e.g. cancer detection, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative cancer care)
  • Research proposals must include data from all Nordic countries, and there should be documented research collaboration between all participating countries.


The situation with Covid-19 has dramatically challenged the health care system worldwide. For cancer patients, the situation has been especially worrying . Besides worrying about their disease, many have experienced changes in the treatment and healthcare service to handle Covid-19 pandemic. Many cancer patients are also worried about being exposed to the virus since cancer treatment can lower the immune system’s ability to fight the virus infection.

Even if there are findings suggesting, that cancer patients are more likely to be both infected by the virus and also have a higher risk of complication if they get sick, cancer and Covid-19 are still a topic, where we need more knowledge both at the global and Nordic level.

One challenge regarding research on Covid-19 and cancer is that even if this is a pandemic, the number of cancer patients included in studies on Covid-19 are often so small, that it is challenging to present valid conclusions. It is especially a problem in smaller countries like the Nordic countries. However, studies conducted in the Nordic region with a total population of approx. 27 million, will produce meaningful and significant results.

The Nordic countries also have an advantage of keeping excellent and reliable population-based registries and cancer registries that can be leveraged to research on this pandemic and cancer, which would have been difficult to achieve in other countries.

Application content

A project description of no more than five pages with work plan, schedule and information on collaboration partners.

  • The benefit of Nordic collaboration should be specified in the project description
  • Budget information including information on other funds
  • Brief CV of the applicants, as well as information on the position, addresses, phone numbers, and email for at least for the principal applicant

Project criteria

  • Timeframe: 2 years
  • Budget: Maximum 200.000 euro

Application deadline

Application deadline: 1. September 2020

How to apply and form

The application must be written in English using the Danish Cancer Society’s electronic application and reporting system at – choose ‘NCU – Strategic projects’.

Further information

For further information about terms and conditions go to Strategic funds