60 years of Nordic Collaboration to Advance the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

The Nordic Cancer Union is a collaborative body for cancer societies in the Nordic countries. The aims of NCU are:


  • Improved  knowledge and understanding of cancer
  • More effective prevention of cancer
  • Better results from cancer treatment and rehabilitation
  • Enhanced application of cancer treatment in the Nordic countries

To achieve these aims, NCU grants one million euro each year to strategic projects and collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries.


Cancer in the Nordic countries

Visit the NORDCAN-project for statisitcs on the incidence, mortality and prevalence of 41 major cancers in the Nordic countries. The project receives funding from NCU.


NCU Secretariat & NCU Research Administration

c/o Cancer Society of Finland


Unioninkatu 22
00130 Helsinki

For individual medical questions we encourage you to contact the NCU member league in your country.

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