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NCU meeting 2 March 2020

NCU Board meeting on 2 March 2020 in Copenhagen

Inspirational presentations

At the meeting inspirational presentations were given regarding models for funding of cancer research:

  • Presentation regarding Danish Cancer Society research funding strategi and models
    Jesper Fisker, managing director, Danish Cancer Society
  • Presentation regarding Norweigian Cancer Society Kreftforeningens research funding strategi
    Ole Alexander Opdalshei, assistant General Secretary, Norweigian Cancer Society
  • Presentation regarding Cancerfondens research funding strategy
    Ulrika Årehed Kågström, General Secretary, Cancerfonden
  • Presentation from CRUK – Cancer Research UK
  • Brief overview of Cancer Research UK
  • Research Strategy and how this has evolved over the last 10 years
  • Measuring impact of research
  • Collaboration between cancer societies: research, fundraising and beyond
    Nick Grant, Executive Director of Strategy and International Partnerships
    Tara Gipp, Senior International Partnerships Manager
    Andrew Knowles, Senior Research Evaluation Manager Research and Innovation

Focus was on topics such as:

  • Quality in research
  • The importance of openness to give priority to new or underfunded areas of the cancer field
  • The importance of being a role-model for others – and to open the scope for cancer related topics to support with research funds.

Interesting perspectives in moving towards more international co-operation in some research projects.