NCU board members

NCU meeting 8 May 2019

NCU Board meeting on 8 May 2019 in Copenhagen

Inspirational presentations

At the meeting, inspirational presentations were given regarding:

  • Ethics and Precision Medicine for cancer patients v/ Anne-Marie Gerdes, Chair of the Danish Council on Ethics, Professor, Clinical Genetics , Rigshospitalet Copenhagen
  • Cancer as existential and spiritual turning point in life v/ Chaplain Christian Juul Busch, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Unversity Hospital


The NCU Board decided to support NORDCAN during 2019 – 2021. January 1st 2019, the secretariat of NORDCAN moved from the Danish Cancer Society to the Cancer Registry of Norway. One of the main tasks of the new secretariat the next three years, in addition to facilitating the existing NORDCAN-cooperation, is to lead the project of the upcoming transition, modernization and harmonization of the whole NORDCAN-platform. To secure continuous sharing of data between the Nordic countries, the secretariat and IARC, there is a need to move from a centralized data processing in the secretariat to localized data processing in each Nordic country.

The main tasks of the NORDCAN-group, the IT-group and the secretariat is to make all necessary specifications for both the harmonization and quality assurance of the localized data processing and for a new web platform.

NCU on Nordic research on cancer patient pathways

The NCU Board approved a status report from the strategic project supported from NCU on Nordic research on cancer patient pathways.

Learning point from the first year of the project are:

  • There is a great interest in the project meetings and interest groups, and both researchers, health care professionals, consultants and administrators have been attracted.
  • This multidisciplinary mix of participants is valuable
  • The practical experiences from health care professionals and administrators developing, implementing and monitoring cancer patient pathways provides important information that can inspire and guide research to where it is needed the most.
  • Administrators profit from sharing their knowledge and experiences with Nordic colleagues. Although the standardized cancer patient pathways are similar in structure, there are great differences in how they are implemented and monitored, which can inspire reflections on best practice.
  • Interest groups form a good framework for generating ideas and setting up studies – the first are already initiated.

The next annual meeting for the Project ”NCU on Nordic research on cancer patient pathways” has been announced to take place 7–8 November 2019 in Trondheim, Norway.