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NCU Advances Cancer Research with 900,000 Euro Funding for 13 Nordic Projects in 2023

For nearly 75 years, the NCU has promoted Nordic collaboration to advance the prevention and treatment of cancer, providing the best possible scientific foundation for cancer control.

In 2023, the available funds for research grants amounted to €900,000. The NCU’s call announcement was published on its website and communicated locally by NCU member organizations. The application deadline was September 1, 2023. The Nordic Cancer Union received 22 grant applications in 2023, which underwent review by the Scientific Committee. Seven of the applications were ongoing projects, and 15 were new projects.

The NCU Board granted funding to 13 projects, with 6 being ongoing and 7 being new projects. A list of the recommended projects is presented here. The committee’s evaluation is based on scientific quality, the caliber of researchers, the level of Nordic synergy, and relevance to NCU’s strategy, as outlined in the guidelines.