Webinar 31st May 2021: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) | UICC

UICC together with Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society), will host a webinar to address the global challenge of AMR from a cancercare and health-professional perspective.

The objective of this session is to highlight the threat AMR poses to improved cancer care outcomes. Discussions will focus on the need to increase awareness on AMR as a key issue for global health, especially among health care workers within cancer care. The aim is to clarify the most central calls to action on a global level to stop the silent pandemic of AMR and so ensure effective treatments for today and tomorrow’s cancer patients.

Here is a link to the webinar: Special Focus Dialogue: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) | UICC.

The webinar will start at 12:00 Stockholm/Oslo/Copenhagen, 10:00 Reykjavik, 11:00 Torshavn, 13:00 Helsinki