The Swedish Cancer Society

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Contact information

Adress: David Bagares gata 5,
SE- 101 55 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 677 10 00
Fax: +46 8 677 10 01


Wanja Lundby

Chairman of the Board: Wanja Lundby-Wedin.
Secretary General: Ulrika Årehed Kågström.

Structure of the organisation

The Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organisation. Behind the Swedish Cancer Society stands 34 large organisations. Our main task is to raise and distribute money for cancer research. As the principal financier of cancer research in Sweden, the Swedish Cancer Society essentially acts as a national research council. Thanks to far-reaching knowledge about cancer in the organisation´s network, the Swedish Cancer Society is also active in areas such as information and forming opinion.

The Swedish Cancer Society was founded in 1951 to support cancer research since government subsidies were – and remain – only modest. Today the Society plays an active role in research-funding, fundraising, providing information, knowledge dissemination and in forming opinion.


In 2006 our total income was 378 million SEK. The major sources of income are legacies, material gifts and regular donations.

Last year, 317 million SEK was allocated to the research committee to finance projects, positions, fellowships etc. The total expenditure of 448 million SEK was allocated to research and development (71 %), information and prevention (9 %), fundraising (17 %) and administration (3,5 %).


The core of the Swedish Cancer Society´s activities is funding research. In 2007 the Research Commission will award just over 300 million Swedish kronor to research projects, care development projects, in cancer research positions, grants and other areas. Additional areas of support include participation in courses and conferences related to cancer, as well as scientific meetings and collaboration groups.

The Research Commission´s aim is to support the projects that represent the highest quality in the field of cancer, whatever the focus. This means that selection takes place in national competition and does not take account of the field of research or geographic location. However, there are some exceptions where targeted funds are awarded to research areas of particular urgency.


As a non-profit organisation, the Swedish Cancer Society receives no government funding, and therefore entirely depend on private donations. In 2006 the Society raised almost 360 million Swedish kronor. Although campaigns and TV events attract a lot of attention, the main bulk of donations are made by private individuals. Legacies represent a significant proportion.

Information and communication

One of the major problems in Sweden´s cancer care today is that care workers have no time to provide information to and support patients to the desired degree. To help in this effort, The Swedish Cancer Society set up an information- and help line.

The Swedish Cancer Society website provides a wealth of information on everything from illnesses and treatment to new research findings. The Society also publishes around 30 information brochures for patients and close friends and relatives. The magazine Rädda Livet (= Save Life) is published four times per year.


As one of Sweden´s biggest organisations in the field of cancer, it is vital to actively participate in the general debate about the illness. Since 2001 the Swedish Cancer Society has promoted the idea of a collective strategy for fighting cancer in Sweden – expressed by the need for a National Cancer Plan. The aim of the annual Swedish Cancer Society Report, which was published by the first time in 2006, is to strengthen opinion-leading efforts, and to contribute with the Society´s knowledge and experience in order to highlight problems in the area of cancer.