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The Nordic Cancer Union grants € 750.000 to cancer research

The Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) has awarded 12 grants totalling € 750.000 to cancer research in 2021. Grants are ranging from € 50.000 to € 85.000.

The NCU Scientific Committee met on 1 December 2021. The members of the committee participating in the meeting were Eirikur Steingrimsson from Iceland, Johan Poulsen from Faroe Island, Klaus Elenius from Finland, Klas Kärre from Sweden, Elsebeth Lynge from Denmark and Mari Nygård from Norway. In total, 750,000 euros were available for allocation. The committee evaluated 28 applications,12 applications were recommended for a grant and success rate was 43 %. The success rate was lower than previous years, thus making possible higher granted amounts for most of the funded projects.

The Committee welcomed applications for several investigator-initiated clinical trials and registry-based epidemiological studies to be carried out in more than 3 Nordic countries, in accordance with the strategy of the NCU. The overall quality of the applications was good, and the amount of resources applied for well-justified research greatly exceeded the budget reserved for allocation, resulting in a competitive research call.

The members of the Committee hope that the funding awarded will help to bring Nordic investigators together and take advantage of some of the unique opportunities for high-quality clinical, epidemiological, and translational cancer research only feasible within Nordic co-operation.

Grantees will receive a personal grant letter with further instructions later this week.

For more information about projects that received funding, please see NCU Research Grants Awarded 2021

Next NCU call will open in March 2022.