The Faroe Islands’ Cancer Society

Contact information

Grønlandsvegur 58,
Boks 1216,
FO-110 Tórshavn

Tel: +298 317 959
Fax: +298 217 959

Durita Tausen

Chairman: Durita Tausen
Managing director: Jansy Gaardlykke


The Faroese Cancer Society was founded in 1979 with the purpose to address the challenges of cancer in the Faroe Islands. The society is governed by a board of five members, which are elected at the annual General Assembly. The main office is situated in Tórshavn, capitol of the Faroe Islands. Three employees are employed at the office, two of them part-time. A social worker is also affiliated with the society. The number of volunteers is approximately 40 people.

The Faroese Cancer Association is a private organization relying on donation from subscriptions, lottery and gifts. The Association is not publicly funded.

Main fields of the activity

  • Assistance and counselling to cancer patients and next of kind
  • Prevention and health information
  • Cancer research
  • Advocacy for the cancer cause


Counselling, rehabilitation and recreation for cancer patients, peer support, volunteers for cancer awareness activities, awareness campaigns and funding cancer research.

The FCS organizes regular conferences, lectures, courses, theme days etc. for patients, their next-of-kin and others, who work or live with cancer patients one way or another. Regular activities include art-therapy for cancer patients, courses in facial and skin care for women with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, therapy groups for spouses and family-day etc. All free of charge for the participants. Staff consists of two counselling nurses with practical experience in oncology, palliative care and therapy and a part-time secretary. Cancer patients, their relations and others may contact the FCS for advice, guidance, and support. The FCS is in regular contact with local hospitals, and other healthcare institutions in and outside the Faroe Islands. The association consistently tries to influence authorities to ensure better treatment and circumstances for cancer patients.