The Cancer Society of Finland

Unioninkatu 22, 00130 Helsinki
FIN-00131 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 135 331, fax +358 9 1353 3279

Juha Pekka Turunen

Secretary General: Juha Pekka Turunen
Unioninkatu 22, 00130 Helsinki
FIN-00131 Helsinki
tel. +358 50 511 3757

Chairman: Professor, MD Sirpa Leppä
tel. +358 40 755 8293
e-mail: or


The Cancer Society of Finland, founded in 1936, is one of Finland’s largest public health and patient organisations. It is an umbrella organisation for 18 registered member organisations, with nearly 125 000 members. Twelve member organisations are regional cancer societies and six are nation-wide patient organisations. The Finnish Cancer Registry is a part of the Cancer Society.

The Cancer Foundation Finland sr function in close connection with the Cancer Society of Finland. The Foundation funds the activities of the Cancer Society and its member organisations and the Finnish Cancer Registry. The other sources of funding are the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and the National Institute for Health and Welfare, donations and return on investments. The Cancer Society of Finland and the Cancer Foundation Finland has an agreement that the Foundation has the main responsibility for fundraising.

Main fields of activity of the Cancer Society of Finland include advocacy, health promotion, public information and, counselling, rehabilitation and peer support. The Cancer Foundation Finland sr is the most important private funder of cancer research in Finland (7.2 million euros in 2016).