Strategic project: Nordic Research on Cancer Pathways

A multidisciplinary research network has been set up with support from Nordic Cancer Union and Confederation of Regional Cancer Centres in Sweden. The aim is to inspire to and conduct multidisciplinary and cross-country comparative research of the function, impacts and effectiveness of the standardized cancer pathways that have been developed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and soon in Finland as well. Examples of research could be:

What characterizes patients undergoing/not undergoing the pathways and does it impact on patient reported experiences and outcomes?
How did the implementation of standardized cancer pathways differ across countries?
How to learn more about alarm symptoms and early detection of cancer?

NCU believe it is possible to learn from each other better via comparative research. The group shall support and coordinate Nordic research projects, set up a home page and meet regularly in the total group and specific groups. Contact persons​,


UPDATE October 2020:

Nordic Research on Cancer patient pathways

NCU strategic project grant 2018 – 2019 – final report

A multidisciplinary research network was set up with support from Nordic Cancer Union, the Confederation of Regional Cancer Centres in Sweden and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The aim was to establish a Nordic strategic collaborative network about experiences, evaluation and multidisciplinary research in cancer patient pathways.

The network aims to stimulate and support research and so far 5 research projects were set up with funding from the network. Through the annual meeting the network ensures sharing of knowledge and spreading of results, and creates a forum where researchers from the Nordic countries can meet and establish collaboration. The network has an important task in stimulating Nordic research designed as comparative or multi-country studies.

The Nordic collaboration can lead to development of best practice for implementation of standardized cancer pathways, and there through good quality in the patient trajectory from the first suspicion of cancer through treatment, follow-up, and return to normal life.

The network has interest groups focusing on

Diagnostic centers
National/Nordic cancer cohorts
Patient experiences
Coordinators in the cancer patient pathway
Cancer in primary care

The network is now well-established and attracts both researchers, health care professionals, consultants and administrators. This multidisciplinary mix of participants is valuable, as the practical experiences from health care professionals and administrators inspires and guides research to where it is needed, and administrators profit from sharing experiences with Nordic colleagues. Although the standardized cancer patient pathways are similar in structure, there are great differences in how they are implemented and monitored, which can inspire reflections on best practice. The network will continue its activities in the future with annual meetings and support for Nordic collaborative studies. The steering group will formalize the network up to the next annual meeting to ensure a democratic election and continuous renewal of the steering group.


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