Picture from workshop

NCU workshop on ”The art of navigating the ever-changing media landscape”

As part of the NCU chairmanship the Danish Cancer Society hosted a November 12th workshop called: “The art of navigating the ever-changing media landscape – or how to communicate facts and scientific evidence in the post-factual era”.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the workshop took place online with participation of representatives from the Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish and Faroese cancer societies.

On the workshop a range of strategic perspectives and hands on learnings on the following topics were presented and discussed:

– How do we deal with the ever changing media landscape?
– How to communicate facts and evidence in a complex news ecosystem with fake news and social media?
– The strategic importance of a good video strategy
– Insourcing content production and going all in on digital advertising. Key learnings from our upcoming door-to-door collection in Denmark

The overall messages were:

1. Building coalitions with other health authorities and building engaged social communities help you stand through crisis communication in a post factual world
2. Facts does not win the argument alone. Listen to your opponent and communicate both from the brain (facts) AND the heart (emotions) and show that you actually care.
3. Strive for making content that creates quality engagement. Video content is key to that and can be produced relatively easy from authentic raw material put in the right frame. A good story wins over high production value