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NCU Board decided on new strategic project

The board of the Nordic Cancer Union decided on March 18 to fund a new strategic project, “NCU Common Actions for the Prevention of Overweight and obesity among Children”. The project, NCU CAPOC in short, involves researchers from all Nordic countries and is led by Gitte Laub Hansen from the Danish Cancer Society. Dr. Hansen states about the project:

“There is a strong evidence that at least 13 cancer types are associated with overweight and obesity. A majority of the Nordic population suffers from overweight or obesity and it is now considered as one of the largest risk factors for cancer. Thus, The Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) urgently needs to advocate for the prevention of overweight and obesity in the Nordic countries. No single action is capable of relieving the societal (and individual) burden of overweight and obesity. Therefore, it is essential that every organization, sector and authority seek to contribute, by building capacity and support political decisions that can counteract the negative development in the risk of cancer.”

NCU CAPOC is 3-year project with funding of 250.000 € from NCU and in-kind contributions from participating cancer societies.

For more information, please contact:

Jarmo Wahlfors

Gitte Laub Hansen