Cooperation with the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers

In November 2012 Høgni Hoydal and Helgi Abrahamsen, two members of the faroese parliament, submitted a resolution concerning focus on longterm perspectives on cancer in the Nordic Countries and cooperation between the NCU, the Nordic council and the Nordic Council of Ministers on initiatives launced by the Nordic Cancer Union, to the Nordic Council.

The Nordic Council adopted the resolution on the 30th of October 2013. The members of the Nordic Cancer Union were delighted that the resolution was adopted and are looking forward to good cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

If you are interested to see the resolution, the report from the Welfare Committee and the recommendation from the Nordic Council, it can be read here:

Medlemsforslag A 1582, Betænkning til A1582 og beslutning 10 og beslutning 11 til A 1582 og Bo Könberg - Report