60 years of Nordic Collaboration to Advance the Prevention

and Treatment of Cancer 

The Nordic Cancer Union is a collaborative body for cancer societies in the Nordic countries. The aims of NCU are:


  • Improved  knowledge and understanding of cancer
  • More effective prevention of cancer
  • Better results from cancer treatment and rehabilitation
  • Enhanced application of cancer treatment in the Nordic countries


To achieve these aims, NCU grants one million euro each year to strategic projects and collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries.

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Cancer in the Nordic countries 

Cost of cancer in the Nordic countries, a SINTEF study initiated and financed by NCU. Press release here.

"The rising costs of cancer treatment raise important questions concerning how to address future challenges; including the question of sustainable growth, efficient use of available resources, advances in cancer prevention and treatment, and the impact of financial mechanisms. The cross-country comparisons among Nordic countries point to some interesting differences and areas where potential gains can be made." SINTEF, May 2011.


Visit the NORDCAN-project for statisitcs on the incidence, mortality and prevalence of 41 major cancers in the Nordic countries. The project receives funding from NCU.


Recently published research supported by NCU include:

The SPCG-7/SFUO-3 Study - Nordic research gives hope to men with prostate cancer, published in the Lancet.

“SPCG-7 is a pivotal trial, and is the first to show an overall survival advantage for radiotherapy in the primary treatment of prostate cancer. The results should change current practice, making long-term hormonal therapy plus radical radiotherapy the standard of care for men with locally advanced prostate cancer.”  The Lancet 2009, volume 373, no 9660, editorial comment

“In patients with locally advanced or high risk local prostate cancer, addition of local radiotherapy to endocrine therapy halved the 10 year prostate cancer mortality.” The Lancet 2009, volume 373, no 9660, editorial comment  Nordic Occupational Cancer Study (NOCCA)

 “We present up to 45 years of cancer incidence data by occupational category for the Nordic populations. The study covers the 15 million people aged 30-64 years in the 1960, 1970, 1980/1981 and/or 1990 censuses in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and the 2.8 million incident cancer cases diagnosed in these people in a follow-up until about 2005. “


Lifelong cancer incidence in 47 697 patients treated for childhood cancer in the Nordic countries, published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

 “Survivors of childhood cancer have a persistent excess risk for a second cancer throughout their lives.The results of the study may be useful in screening and care of individuals treated for cancer in childhood”.

Results from the study are also presented in NCU Annual Report for 2008.



NCU Secretariat


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Contact person: Ragnheiður Haraldsdóttir



NCU Research Administration

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Contact person: Kristin Guldvog

Mobile: +47 39 257 253


For individual medical questions we encourage you to contact the NCU member league in your country.