The Nordic Cancer Union provides funding for projects of high standard within the field of cancer amounting to 250.000 euros annually.

These projects  aim at ameliorating relevant cancer problems in the member countries. The projects funded by the NCU meet strict requirements, with priority given to projects and initiatives that reflect the current general strategy of the NCU and have added Nordic value.

The NCU has thus supportede.g.  the NORDCAN, the Summer School in Cancer Epidemiology, the Association of Nordic Cancer Registries along with many smaller projects.

The NCUhas also initiated and funded projects considered relevant. One such example is the analyses of the cost of cancer in the Nordic countries, a SINTEF study (press release here)."The rising costs of cancer treatment raise important questions concerning how to address future challenges; including the question of sustainable growth, efficient use of available resources, advances in cancer prevention and treatment, and the impact of financial mechanisms. The cross-country comparisons among Nordic countries point to some interesting differences and areas where potential gains can be made." SINTEF, May 2011.