Strategy for  the NCU funding of improvement projects

The Nordic Cancer Union provides funding for projects of high standard within the field of cancer in line with its statutes.


The implementation of the strategic improvement projects aim at ameliorating relevant cancer problems in the member countries. The projects funded by the NCU meet strict requirements, with priority given to projects and initiatives that reflect the current general strategy of the NCU as well as this strategy.


These improvements projects must be uniquely suited to be implemented in part at least in the Nordic countries, and should as a rule be aimed at enhancing infrastructure and cooperation. Preferably, health care professionals and/or researchers in two or more Nordic countries should be involved in the projects and the effects of collaboration should be synergistic.


As major emphases of the NCU are to enhance collaborative research, research-related projects are of special interest to the NCU. Comparisons between the Nordic countries are essential for the development and work on diverse cancer research programmes, enhancing the likelihood of higher efficiency and results.
The NCU thus provides funding to support the implementation of high quality projects of relevance to cancer within the Nordic countries with added Nordic value, based on common Nordic priorities and current interests as identified by the board of the Nordic Cancer Union at any given point in time.


These Guidelines for applications for NCU strategic funds were adopted at the NCU board meeting in Oslo in February 2016