20 September 2015

NCU meeting in Denmark in September 2015

The Nordic Cancer Union had a meeting in Helsingør, Denmark on the 7th of September 2015
Among the subjects on the agenda was the new NCU strategy for the years 2015-2018. A lot of work has been put into the strategy, and Ragnheiður Haraldsdóttir, chairman of the NCU, is delighted that the NCU at the meeting finally agreed on approving the new strategy.
In the strategy there are five main points, for each of which a number of implementation approaches are described. The main points of the 2015-18 strategy are: to reduce risk of cancer, implement existing knowledge with the aim of preventing up to 40% of cancer diseases; to improve life with cancer, optimal diagnosis and treatment according to high international standards including rehabilitation and palliative care as necessary; to support joint and comparable monitoring of cancer and outcome as a basis for equal and best possible care, and clinical research; to achieve Nordic countries as leaders in excellent collaborative cancer research, both basic and clinical, utilising the special conditions related to well-monitored populations and national biorepositories and to get joint up-to-date information on cancer to the public, and common Nordic advocacy to influence public policy in the Nordic countries and globally.
Ragnheiður Haraldsdóttir is looking forward to implementing the aims set up in the new strategy in this period, where Iceland has the chairmanship in NCU.
The next NCU meeting will be held on the 2nd of December 2015.

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