18 June 2015

NCU meeting in Reykjavik in May 2015

In beautiful weather the Board of the Nordic Cancer Union held one of its annual meetings in Reykjavik on the 22th of May 2015.
At its meeting in Reykjavik, NCU discussed financing and support of different strategic projects. Apart from supporting research projects, the NCU each year provides funding to support and stimulate collaborative cancer projects within the Nordic Countries. As training of researchers can be supported as a strategic project, the NCU decided to support the IARC summer school in cancer epidemiology. For the other strategic projects in question, it was decided to get more information, before decision was taken to support the projects. New application criteria will be developed.
Another subject on the agenda was a new NCU strategy. At the meeting, there was a fundamental discussion on the groundwork for the strategy, and about NCU’s role now and in the coming years. The discussion was fruitful, and it was decided that the Icelandic Chairmanship works on a proposal for a new NCU strategy, which will be presented on the next meeting.
The next meeting will be held in Copenhagen on the 7th of September 2015.

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