14 October 2014

NCU meeting on the Faroe Islands in October 2014

The Nordic Cancer Union had a meeting on the Faroe Islands on the 10th of October 2014.

Among the subjects on the agenda was Bo Koenbergs report on future cooperation in the field of health in the nordic countries from June 2014. In the report there are recommendations on cooperation regarding highly specialized treatment, register-based research, strenghened cooperation on general medecine and nordic health personnel exchange. The report was discussed.

The members of the Nordic Cancer Union were delighted that the report is in accordance with the NCU strategy in the cancerfield. Jákup N. Olsen, chairman of NCU, states that “Currently, it is of utmost importance that the Nordic Council of Ministers takes the assignment seriously and implements Bo Koenberg’s report for the benefit of all patients in the Nordic countries.”

If you are interested to see Bo Koenbergs report, it can be read here

While the Nordic Cancer Union had its meeting, The Scientific Committee also held a meeting on the Faroe Islands. At their meeting the Scientific Committee made a recommendation to the Nordic Cancer Union to grant 750,000 euros to 15 different resarch projects in cancer in the Nordic countries. The Nordic Cancer Union approved the committees recommendations. In a short time, it will be announced on the homepage which 15 projects have received grants from the Nordic Cancer Union.

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