Professor Eva Forssell-Aronsson, Göteborg University

16 September 2014

Who will get how much?

The Swedish Cancer Society’s core activity is to finance cancer research. In 2015 the Research Commission will award roughly 430 million Swedish kronor to cancer research projects, cancer research positions, participation in courses and conferences related to cancer, and scientific meetings. It is the Swedish Cancer Society’s board of directors that allocate the sum that the Research Commission will have at their disposal.

The crucial aspects to consider when awarding grants are each project’s originality, anticipated news value and feasibility, and its link to cancer. The process of selecting the best research projects follows established peer review procedures and is closely regulated.

In May each year researchers submit applications describing the aims and expected results of their projects, along with a cost calculation. Applications are then forwarded to nine different committees for evaluation. The various committees’ proposals are assessed in September, and in November the Research Commission makes a decision regarding which projects will be funded. The committees and the Commission jointly include some 60-70 experts in various cancer-related areas.

Regulations stipulate that the Research Commission should follow the same principles as government research councils – such as the national Swedish Research Council – when awarding grants. The Research Commission’s aim is to support the projects that represent the highest quality in the field of cancer, whatever the focus. This means that the selection takes place in national competition and does not take into account the field of research or the geographic location. However, there are some exceptions where targeted funds are awarded to research areas of particular urgency.

- A little extra thing this year is that we have more young researchers applying than ever before. It is very encouraging. Some of them are highly competitive, professor Eva Forssell-Aronsson says, University of Gothenburg and chair of one of priority committees. And as always, we wish we had more money to allocate.

Marita Önneby Eliasson

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