Bo Könberg, the Westnordic Health Ministers: Karsten Hansen, Kristján Þór Júlíusson og Sten Lynge, together with Jákup N. Olsen, NCU chairman, at Birita Ludvíksdóttir, NCU coordinator

22 January 2014

Meeting with Bo Könberg and the Westnordic Health Ministers concerning future cooperation

On the 21. January 2014 the Nordic Cancer Union was at a meeting with Bo Könberg and the Westnordic Health Ministers concerning future cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers

On the 20. and 21. January 2014, the Westnordic Ministers of Health held their meeting in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. The Westnordic Health Ministers are the health ministers of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
At the meeting was Bo Könberg, who is responsible for writing a report on how nordic cooperation on health can be improved and strenghened over the next 5-10 years. Bo Könberg has been minister of health and governor in Sweden, has represented “Folkepartiet” several times in the Swedish Parliament, and has prepared several reports for various Swedish governments.

The Nordic Cancer Union was invited to the meeting to have a presentation on the NCU and benefits of future cooperation on the field of cancer. At the meeting, Birita Ludvíksdóttir, NCU coordinator had a presentation of NCU, while Jákup N. Olsen, chairman of NCU, had a presentation of benefits of strengthening nordic cooperation in the field of cancer. This based on resolution nr. A1582 on closer cooperation between the NCU and the Nordic Council of Ministers, which was adopted by the Nordic Council in October 2013. NCU recommends the Nordic Council of Ministers to focus on strengthening register research, specialized cancer care in the Nordic countries, a joint Nordic research education and joint Nordic clinical studies.

It proved to be a fruitful meeting where Bo Könberg the westnordic healthministers had the opportunity to hear more about the work of the NCU and how NCU envisions a strengthened cooperation between the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Cancer Union. The Westnordic Ministers of Health were very supportive of further cooperation with the Nordic Cancer Union.

Bo Könberg’s report will be submitted to the Nordic Council of Health Ministers at a meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, in june 2014.

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