Jákup N. Olsen, chairman of the NCU, and Brynhild Høgnadóttir, member of the Suncampaign project, meet Anders Andersson, chairman of the Welfare Committee of the Nordic Council

29 September 2013

Meeting with the Nordic Council

Last week the Nordic Cancer Union was on a meeting with the Nordic Council concerning future cooperation

In November 2012 Høgni Hoydal and Helgi Abrahamsen, two members of parliament on the Faroe Islands, submitted a resolution to the Nordic Council concerning focus on long-term perspectives on cancer in the Nordic countries and cooperation between the NCU, the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers on initiatives launched by the Nordic Cancer Union.

Since the resolution is now under consideration by the Welfare Committee of the Nordic Council, Jákup N. Olsen, chairman of NCU, was at a meeting with the Committee on 24th September in the Faroe Islands. With him was Brynhild Høgnadóttir, member of the Suncampaign project, supported by the NCU. It proved to be a fruitful meeting where members of the Welfare Committee had the opportunity to hear more about the work of the NCU and how NCU envisions a strengthened cooperation between the Nordic Council, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Cancer Union.

At the meeting, the chairman suggested that a future cooperation with the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers should be based on four things: first, that the Nordic population is very homogeneous, and the world's best registered in databases. Next, we have very good opportunities to make clinical research in all Nordic countries in the form of large multicenter trials, which can provide a sufficient number of subjects also concerning rare diseases. Third, we should build on the fact that, despite great cultural equality in the Nordic countries, there is some difference between their organisation of health services. It provides good opportunities for comparative research on research in the different forms of organisation. In addition, the Nordic health educations are relatively similar, and there are good opportunities for long-term practical cooperation between professionals with great cultural similarity.

The Welfare Committee was very supportive of the resolution and will give the resolution good treatment at the Nordic Council Session in late October 2013. The chairman thanked the Welfare Committee for the meeting and said that the NCU looked forward to follow the progress concerning the resolution in the Nordic Council.

If you are interested to see the resolution, it can be read here

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