27 May 2013

General assembly in the Faroe Islands

The Nordic Cancer Union had its general assembly in the Faroe Islands on the 27th of May 2013.

The Nordic Cancer Union has 4 yearly meetings. As the Faroe Islands have the chairmanship at the moment, two meetings are held in the Faroe Islands and two in Copenhagen yearly.

Many interesting subjects were on the agenda for this meeting. Among others the member countries exchanged experience regarding acute cancer treatment. It is essential for the individual patient’s ability to recuperate, that the patient gets treatment as soon as possible. By discussing these issues, cancer associations in the Nordic countries may improve conditions in their own countries on how long it takes from referring a patient with suspected cancer, until treatment is underway.

New NCU Website

At the meeting in the Faroe Islands the new website was launched. On the website there is among other things updated material available on NCU's work and organization and on research projects and strategic projects supported by the NCU. In the future the website will be updated regularly with new press releases from the Nordic countries for research into cancer and interesting issues about cancer treatment.

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